Saturday, October 29, 2011

o is for owl {free printable}

I usually spend Saturdays preparing meals for Sunday. But, since I got most of my cooking done yesterday,  I had time to do a craft with CJ instead. I printed out the parts for a cute little owl using free templates from the Lakeshore Learning website. When my oldest daughter saw what we were doing, she said, "He's up to o already?"

I explained to her that this not for his abc notebook, it was a different project. But then I thought, "Why not?" So our owl got glued to a notebook page. I used the scraps cut from the owl's body as a stencil to draw an o, making it about 1 cm. smaller around the outside edge. We glued the o on top of the owl and our notebook page was done!

 My "stencil." Can you see the cuts along
 the edges where CJ was practicing his
scissors skills?

The owl was a bit big for the page, but I think it is still cute. If you would prefer to have one that fits better, I have uploaded my own coloring page and pattern to my Homeschool Launch page.

If you want to do more with owls, the Lakeshore Learning site also had some cute printables for owl addition.

If you have a slightly older child who is ready for reading, visit my Squidoo page How To Teach Your Preschooler To Read for links to free printables and a step-by-step overview of how I teach my little ones.

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